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¿Por qué Lisboa no quiere oír ni hablar del AVE a Madrid? Claves del gran tabú portugués

#9 Es que es una de las euroregiones europeas (Galicia–North Portugal Euroregion): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euroregion (cc #23, #28)

A Euroregion is a cross-border territorial entity that brings together partners from two or more cross-border regions1 in different European countries. Their purpose is to create a coherent space that is developed collectively to ensure that the border is no longer an obstacle but becomes a resource and an opportunity for development. To do this, it creates a framework for cooperation that makes it possible to bring together the different players and to put in place common policies and projects in areas such as regional development, transport, the local economy, cultural activities, the environment and so on, always in accordance with the specific features of each border area.

#34 Lo sé, me he criado cerca de una Eurocidade :-)