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Grupo organizado de islamistas ataca un mitin de campaña electoral de un candidato en Reino Unido [ENG]

Efectivamente, como la organización que lidera este tipo. Otra cosa es que porque te gusten sus ideas fascistas y racistas me vendas el cuento de que es un pobrecito martir.

De wikipedia: (EDL, English Defence League, la organización liderada por el santito de Tommy Robinson).


In various cases, EDL demonstrators have damaged Asian-owned businesses and property;[338] in October 2011, EDL members stormed and ransacked an Ahmadiyya Islamic bookstore in Sandwell,[147][339] and in August 2011 an EDL member was convicted for vandalising a mosque.[340] Demonstrations have also led to physical attacks on Asians themselves.[287] Not all targets of EDL violence have been Muslim; in a July 2010 demonstration in Dudley, EDL members attacked a Hindu temple. It is unclear whether they mistook it for a mosque or whether it reflected broader racist attitudes among the demonstrators extending beyond Islamophobia.[191]

In other instances, EDL members have sought to disrupt the meetings of opponents; in September 2010 they disrupted a UAF meeting in Leicester, and later that month around twenty to thirty EDL activists attacked a meeting of the far-left Socialist Workers Party in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.[286] In June 2011, EDL members attacked an anti-fascist concert in Yorkshire.[341] EDL members also targeted left-wing bookshops and trade union buildings,[342] and memvers have been jailed for attacking staff at office buildings which had hosted anti-EDL meetings.[343] The EDL have also targeted demonstrators from the anti-capitalist Occupy movement; in November 2011, 179 EDL members were arrested near St Paul's Cathedral in central London for repeatedly threatening members of Occupy London.[53] It cited its targeting of these because "Trotskyists, Communists and left‐liberals have systematically and opportunistically supported the very Islamofascists the EDL is against."[331] Journalists that have covered EDL marches have received death threats;[344] for instance, journalist Jason N. Parkinson from The Guardian wrote about receiving a death threat by email from an EDL organiser, as well as death threats sent to Marc Vallée, a fellow journalist.[345]