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Soy Miguel Illescas, Gran Maestro Internacional de Ajedrez. Pregúntame

#12 Que el ajedrez esté dividido por sexo es un problema, especialmente para el desarrollo de las jugadoras, como indica la propia Judith Polgar (la única mujer de la historia que le ganó a Kasparov):


"has fought against the game's undeniable gender divide by refusing to compete in women-only chess events."
"Female players say there's a persistent culture of sexism among competitors at all levels"
"Polgar's father maintained that because chess is a "purely mental competition," his daughter should be able to compete with men"
"Polgar is also actively providing solutions to sexism in the chess world through the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation, which, she told Time, sees an equal number of boys and girls compete in chess at equal levels"