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Cuando navegas por Instagram y encuentras el número de pasaporte del ex primer ministro australiano [ENG]

For security reasons, we try to change our Prime Minister every six months, and to never use the same Prime Minister on multiple websites.

xD xD
#1 Esa y:

Instagram, in case you don’t know it, is an app you can open up on your phone any time to look at ads
#1 Todo el post está lleno de chistacos. Así da gusto leer un artículo.

After staring at this image for 15 minutes, I noticed the Booking Reference is just… printed on the baggage receipt.
I graduated university. But it did not prepare me for this.
#1 Yo me he descojonado con esta: "Right click > Inspect Element, all you need to subvert the Commonwealth of Australia" xD