Huawei lanza ordenador sin AMD, Intel ni Microsoft

me hace gracia de que digan en el artículo que es un ordenador solo pensado para ofimática no muy exigente y se vea como usan Blender renderizando con Cycle. Si eso es ofimática no muy exigente....:shit:
Errónea. No la han revisado. No existe aún y lo han comprado por piezas.
"The YouTube channel goes by the name of 二斤自制, who apparently bought and reviewed the Huawei PC with the 7nm Kunpeng 920 ARM v8 processor that has eight cores. This system was built with the Huawei D920S10 desktop motherboard in a third party system and offers us a first look at the upcoming desktop lineup the Chinese tech giant will soon offer"
Y lo de Adobe...
"Notably, the YouTuber had to pay an extra 800 Yuan (roughly 115 US Dollars) to gain access to the app store. Unfortunately, it seems like the app store is lacking many basic applications, such as Adobe, which can be essential in the professional fields.""

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