Nuevo récord de víctimas en UK: 854 fallecidos en las últimas 24 horas [ENG]

#67 Buen articulo. Deberías poner el parrafo entero;

Italy, Britain and France, he noted, declared their own lockdowns only once they had more infections than Spain. He stressed that International Women’s Day, when 120,000 gathered in Madrid on March 8, had also been celebrated on the streets of Brussels, Berlin, Vienna and Paris.

Y yo añadiría Portugal donde también se celebró:


Pero la parte que más me ha gustado es esta:

Spain watched Italy, he acknowledged, but with the mitigating factor that many scientists believed until recently that asymptomatic people were probably not contagious.

Y continua el epidemiologo y profesor de universidad Fernando Rodríguez Artalejo:

“The idea was that the authorities just needed to track the cases and identify the people whom they had been in contact with,” he said. “This doctrine is now gone, but too late for Spain.”

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