El LG Prada fue el primer teléfono con pantalla táctil capacitiva, no el iPhone [ENG]

Me ha parecido interesante. La conclusión lo dice todo:
"Imagine that the phone had the same camera, a more premium build, a universally great spec sheet, a new operating system, and a competitive price. It’s very possible that LG would now be the world’s most successful company.

But LG didn’t do any of that. Instead, it took the quick buck route and put one piece of advanced technology (the camera) in a plastic chassis, slapped a designer fashion label on it, and tried to charge top dollar. It was pretty lazy, especially when you compare the Prada to the iPhone."

Por cierto, ¿es aquí donde se habla de los vikingos?

PD: Los aztecas no parecían muy vikingos.