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El altar prehistórico de Monte d’Accoddi en Cerdeña, una pirámide escalonada mil años más antigua que las de Egipto

#15 de esto hablaba con mi mujer la semana pasada, si está relacionado con la palabra cerdo.
Wikipedia aporta: The name Sardinia has Latin roots. It comes from the pre-Roman ethnonym *s(a)rd-, later romanised as sardus (feminine sarda). It makes its first appearance on the Nora Stone, where the word Šrdn testifies to the name's existence when the Phoenician merchants first arrived.[11]

According to Timaeus, one of Plato's dialogues, Sardinia (referred to by most ancient Greek authors as "Sardò", Σαρδὼ) and its people as well might have been named after a legendary woman going by Sardò (Ancient Greek: Σαρδὼ), born in Sardis (Σάρδεις), capital of the ancient Kingdom of Lydia.[12][13] There has also been speculation that identifies the ancient Nuragic Sards with the Sherden, one of the Sea Peoples.[14][15][16][17][18] It is suggested that the name had a religious connotation from its use also as the adjective for the ancient Sardinian mythological hero-god Sardus Pater[19] ("Sardinian Father" or "Father of the Sardinians"), as well as being the stem of the adjective "sardonic". In Classical antiquity, Sardinia was called a number of names besides Sardò (Σαρδὼ) or Sardinia, like Ichnusa (the Latinised form of Ancient Greek: Ἰχνοῦσα),[20] Sandaliotis (Ancient Greek: Σανδαλιῶτις[21]) and Argyrophleps (Ancient Greek: Αργυρόϕλεψ).