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¿Dónde han ido todos los españoles? [eng]

"All the spaniards" (you swear to me that is not pejorative, but the name of my country is Spain and logically my language and myself must be called "spanish", just as you, if are not scottish or welsh, are "english" and their language is also called "english") We are 47 million, and ok, of course, 25% of us don´t have job. In relation to the 25% I estimate (in Spain we say "a ojo de buen cubero", like eye of good pails manufacturer) that 12% are people under 30. In conclusion; if we are talking about 4 million young "spaniards", i don´t know the number of them that have determined to leave. But in my city there are still thousands and thousands of young. Thank God. I'm tired of two issues. One; our european "friends" really happy because we play bad football in recent times. And two: european media talking about our crisis. Don´t cry for it. The "spaniards" are still in Spain. A small percentage only has been forced to move to London or Brazil?(smile). By the way; if are talking about small percentages, a very small number of spanish workers in your country do it in good conditions and with good payments. Most are being squeezed. And finally; "all the spaniards" don´t speak a perfect english, sorry for mine.